almost all or almost all the or almost all of the or most of the or most the


almost all people in America 29 件

almost all the people in America 3 件

almost all of the people in America 5 件

almost all of People in America 0

almost all Americans 約 311,000 件

almost all the Americans 約 312,000 件

almost all of Americans 33 件

almost all of the Americans 約 87 件

most of people in America 37 件

most of the people in America 約 34,000,000 件

most the people in America 7 件

most people in America 約 18,200,000 件

almost all と most の違いは?と聞かれたら、

Almost all = almost 100% (99%), most なら 75% – 98%らしいです。

almost all the Americans are legal citizens.

Most people in America are white. or Most of the people in America are white.

all people と all the people の違いは以下の通りみたいです。

All people are stupid = Everyone is stupid (people are stupid in general) 一般的

All the people here are stupid = Everyone here is stupid (the people here are stupid) 特定集団