senolytic drugs 老化細胞除去薬の心血管疾患への効果


今日は senolytic drugs (老化細胞除去薬)という心臓血管疾患に効果が期待されているお薬のお話です。Wikiによると、A senolytic (from the words “senescence” and “lytic” – destroying) is among the class of senotherapeutics, and refers to small molecules that can selectively induce death of senescent cells. senolytic (老化とlytic – 破壊する、溶菌性の)は、老化細胞除去療法の一環であり、重点的に老化細胞死を誘導出来る小分子である、と説明しています。なので、”senolytic drugs”は、老化細胞死誘導薬や老化細胞除去剤みたいに訳すことが可能です。


senolytic drugs (老化細胞除去薬)

Mayo Clinic: Long-term benefits of ‘senolytic’ drugs on vascular health in mice

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Building on previous studies, Mayo Clinic researchers have demonstrated significant health improvements in the vascular system of mice following repeated treatments to remove senescent cells. They say this is the first study to show that regular and continual clearance of senescent cells improves age-related vascular conditions – and that the method may be a viable approach to reduce cardiovascular disease and death.

ロチェスター、ミネソタ、– それまでの研究を元に、メイヨークリニックの研究者等は、老化細胞を取り除く治療を繰り返す事で、ネズミの血管系に驚くべき健康改善効果がある事を実証しています。彼らは、今回の研究が、老化細胞を規則的・持続的に除去する事で、血管老化改善につながる事を証明する最初の研究であり、その方法は、心臓血管病や心臓血管死を減らすための有効なアプローチになり得ると言っています。




The research showed that senescent cell clearance in either naturally-aged or atherosclerotic mice alleviated vascular dysfunction. Although it did not reduce the size of plaques in mice with high cholesterol, it did reduce calcification of existing plaques on the interior of vessel walls.

“Our finding that senolytic drugs can reduce cardiovascular calcification is very exciting, since blood vessels with calcified plaques are notoriously difficult to reduce in size, and patients with heart valve calcification currently do not have any treatment options other than surgery,”