Operation Faithful Patriot(忠実な愛国者作戦)を発動


(有権者と法に)忠実なトランプ大統領が、Operation Faithful Patriot(忠実な愛国者作戦)を発動して5200人の米軍を南部国境地帯に展開するらしい(REPORT: Trump to Expand Military Border Deployment from 800 to 5,000)。このサイトの読者の意見を引用してみることにした。

We have 1000s of troops abroad protecting countries that hate us.
Bring them home and place on our border!


Roll out electrified razor wire, and post signs that say you will be shot if you attempt to cross. This is the front line for America, and this is a war.


There are 28,000 troops on the DMZ.
5,000 is a good start, but the DMZ is a fraction of the length of the US border. We need 50,000+…… not 5,000.
Build that WALL!


They need to start shooting rubber bullets and water cannons to prevent them from taking a step into our country.
Let Mexico deal with them – like we have to do with their people.


We need martial law. Suspend all immigration laws. Hold them at bay with crowd control methods. No one comes in unless done so legally from their home country with the proper paperwork.


He’ll sign an executive order but some lower level liberal judge will rule against it.


Thats when he should ignore that Judge an let it go to take to Supreme Court !!!!


They were already offered asylum in Mexico. Trump should announce that any claims of asylum in the USA will be rejected for that reason.
Not only are they illegal, they are liars too. If they wanted asylum they would have taken it the first chance they got.
No, they want the easy meal ticket.


You don’t need martial law for that. The president already have the legal and constitutional power. What we don’t have is the will to tell the leftists to take a hike. More then half our population are now traitors.