would / will do just thatの意味


この記事”Expanding the use of silicon in batteries, by preventing electrodes from expanding“のsummary(要旨)の中にwould do just thatというフレーズが以下のような形で出てくる。

Silicon anodes are generally viewed as the next development in lithium-ion battery technology. Silicon’s ability to absorb more charge translates to longer battery life and smaller batteries, if researchers can check the physical expansion of the silicon that comes with charging. Research suggests that adding MXene ink to the silicon electrode-making process would do just that.


上の英文の、would do just thatのthatは、研究者が充電によるシリコン電極の膨張をチェックできることを指しいて、would do just thatは、MXeneインクを添加するだけでthatは事足りるだろうことを意味している。